Social Media Marketing


Every business is looking for something. More leads? More sales? Better customer service? You want to stand apart from the crowd? You want to really make an impact? You simply have to tell a different story. You need to completely and utterly rock your client’s world by not only being something they haven’t seen from your competitors – you need to help them with the issue that caused them to stumble upon your page in the first place.


Marketing and branding is the best way to accomplish this, and social media is the best vehicle to prove who your company is. People can tell how sincere you are, even over text. We all hate hype. We hate phony people. By posting consistently on social media platforms you get the ability to show your company’s character and ethos.


The truth is people are talking about your product. They might even be talking about your company, even if you are a small business. Just like being at a dinner party, when they are talking about you, wouldn’t you like to also be involved in the conversation?


The question shouldn’t be “Should your company be on social media?” the question should be, “How are you going to make it work?” I have helped several businesses with this question. Some businesses have relied on my services in order to completely write and manage their social media campaigns. Others have sought my services in order to coach them through the process. A couple have asked me to teach their team to manage the accounts.


No matter what position you are in, help is only a click away.

Upcoming Book Social Media

I am currently in the middle of writing a book on how to properly execute social media strategy. If you are interested in an advanced preview of what this would contain click the button below and send me a quick request!

Success Stories

Having been involved with social media for 5 years I have had the ability to watch it grow and change. The best part is, I have help others use this area to increase revenue. Learn more about the differences I have made in businesses, just like yours!

One on One

All businesses are different and require a unique approach to help them succeed in buisness. I partner with your staff and help your craft the perfect campaign. If you are looking for such help, click below for a custom quote on what I can do to help.

About Me

With over 5 years of social media marketing experience, I enjoy people and their stories. I pride myself on my relaxed approach to situations. I love the psychology of marketing and website design. For instance only 18% of people looking at this site, actually read this text down here; which is why I feel comfortable telling you, I love hiking and placing notes on poorly parked cars.

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twitter: @TheresaPotratz