About Me

I adore getting to team up with business owners and helping them tell their stories and better communicate with the world around them, namely their clients.


I started out in marketing, after landing a job with Red Bull. To this day, I cannot imagine a company with a better focus on brand image, and corporate culture. While Red Bull was great at helping me implement an established marketing campaign, it was in working for a private, family owned jewelry store in Portland, Oregon, that really allowed me to prosper.


The jewelry store, having zero online presence, gave me a chance to start with a blank canvas and build up a brand. This was amazing.  It wasn’t long before I was able to see the fruits of my labors as sales began to roll in off of a couple Facebook posts, or even Tweets!


I’ve always loved the written word. It’s not surprising what I do, given that I wrote my first 100 page story in middle school, and spit ball why a particular business model works while I am in line for a cup of black, bold coffee.


In college, I was studying psychology in completely non sequitur way. I helped professors stage murder scenes in order to help classes understand the mind of a killer. I staged mass casualty car accidents to warn high schoolers against the dangers of drunk driving. And for fun I studied body language.