A Year in Rewind

I’ll do the cliché thing of reflecting back on the year on New Year’s Eve. Like many years, this year has been filled with a large amount of change. I began the year with a sweet gig working from home for a digital marketing company. I liked my boss, enjoyed my co-workers when we did meet up and the work was fascinating.

My daughter wasn’t quite walking, and my husband and I were really enjoying the large amount of time we were able to spend together. We were able to travel a bit, including a trip to North Carolina so my daughter could meet her great-grandmother.

Admittedly, I was blindsided and depressed when the owner of my company announced his intention to retire, leaving the rest of us to abandon ship. I had just gotten back from vacation. I had planned on being with the company for years. It was my intention to apprentice under him and develop many of the skills that he made mastered.

Disillusioned I entered the job search. Not before long, I found a position that I felt meant for. Pay was beyond excellent. Location was close. Even better was the fact that due to the size of the organization, I had several people on the inside, already working for the company. I began not the application process, but the campaign process for this position.

I applied to many other jobs, all the while never pretending I wanted them. My whole website was geared toward the VP of Communications of organization.

I was called into Portland Roasting Coffee for an interview. I prepped for the meeting, just like I should, and had everything prepared. Sat down with, Mark, the managing partner of the company and interviewed them as much as they did me.

I had nothing to lose.

I didn’t even know if I wanted their job.

Two days later I was called in for a second interview. Pulling up to where I was going to park, I saw my hubcap on the sidewalk, kindly propped against the building. Huh, that is mine. I attached the hubcap back to my tire and tried to use enough hand sanitizer to clean the soot off of my hand before walking in.

Kismet. Fate. Devine intervention. I was offered the job.

After having been with the company for two weeks I had my first and only migraine. My vision was nearly gone, my head was throbbing, and I could feel my body retching. I had never had one before and assumed I could work through it. I was stronger than this. Eventually, a blessed soul of a co-worker, collected me and drove me home.

It was such a lovely experience, not the migraine, the co-worker putting me out of my misery and not leaving me to rot behind my computer monitor.

The very next day, as I walked into the company lunch and enjoying the camaraderie, I received a call from the dream job, offering me an interview. The moment I had been actively pursuing had finally presented itself. And after some soul searching, I turned down the interview request.

I found myself exactly where I needed to be.

Portland Roasting Coffee, here’s to you. You crazy caffeinated ride. You keep me on my toes and my co-workers are an interesting blend.

#portlandroasting #marketing

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