Journey to 10,000 Followers

I have started an intrepid journey. My goal is to get 10,000 followers on Twitter in 5 months. This goal started when, I decided to see what works and doesn’t work to organically grow my followers.

I started this mission when my follower count was around 400 and gave myself the goal of amassing 100 new followers a day. Now, nothing healthy maintains at a breakneck pace, so I limited myself to 5 days a week. This will amount to 2k a month. Theoretically, I should have all my followers by summer.

Just like weight loss goals, I am sure that eventually I will plateau with my current tactics and require the use of new ideas. Which brings me to my strategy. Currently, I am looking through my followers and reading the bios of their followers. In hopes to find other like minded people, I follow who they follow. All this while posting three new pieces of content a day and attempting to engage in two conversations with my followers.

I am choosing to follow by hand, because it allows me to read and study more about people with whom I share interests with. After all, if I didn’t care who I followed, or who followed me, I could reach my goal in $30 as opposed to months.

Throughout this process, I am choosing to document my journey in hopes that it helps others. After all, we have all wanted more followers at one time or another.

Today I followed about 400 fellow digital marketers and those interested in social media. I received two TrueTwit requests.

Incredible. I am required by a machine to verify that I myself am not a machine.

As of this moment, I am at 64% of my daily goal, meaning that I am hoping for an 36 followers before I go to bed. Realistically, I know that a lot of the people I followed today are from Europe and as such are on a different timezone. They should have had time to respond by the time I wake up tomorrow. Waiting does make me check my phone compulsively and interact more.

Things could be worse.

#marketing #socialmedia #growthhacking #twitter

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