Twitter Journey: 10,000 Followers

This week marked an important landmark. In my endeavor to get 500 followers a week, I hit the 1,500 mark Friday morning. Also during this week, I stumbled upon an incredible event: #mediachat.

I had known there were meetups on Twitter for some time, even though I had never participated in one. Thursday night, I found myself unusually free. My daughter had fallen asleep early on my way back from the gym. When I saw this, I knew I was in a world of hurt if she didn’t get a decent nap before being woken up.

Sitting in the car, trying to find something to do, I check Twitter, seeing my feed flood with tweets ending in #MediaChat. After a quick search, I discover this is a regularly occurring chat that is only three minutes in.

Fascinated, I jump in. Riveted by the interchange. It was as if I walked into a bar to avoid a downpour of rain and find myself in the middle of a social media superstar networking event. @CarlosGil83 was extremely active in this chat. Now it should be known, I had been following his tweets for a looong time. As odd as it sounds, this chat gave me the ability to strike up a conversation with him.

At this chat, I also met @clowingar aka. Michael Williams. After talking with Williams, I found myself inspired. This man is compiling all the free college classes he can find, in order to provide the means to have a FREE college education. It’s mind blowing to me. The fact this guy exists gives me faith in humanity, and that’s not the thousands of student loans I have speaking -- well maybe it is.

Needless to say, Thursdays at 7, I know where I want to be.

#growthhacking #marketing #seo #socialmedia #twitter

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