4 Mistakes on Twitter

On my current quest, there are four different offenses I see made on a daily basis. The offenses do not add to the community building of Twitter, and in my opinion undermine what the social network seeks to accomplish. If you find yourself doing any of these four: cease and desist!


Ever get a message from a new follower, attempt to reply only to find they UN-followed you? I get it. They DM’ed you to spam you will info without anyone else knowing. It has to help them. If they DM 1,000 people, there has got to be enough of them that respond favorably for them to continue this detestable practice.

Social media is meant to be social. It is meant to build relationships and community. There is no community if I can’t respond to a message you sent!

Auto-DM’s in General

“Yo dude, thanks for following. Connect with me on Facebook at /IdontLiketoCare Thanks Man.”


I hate people using the direct message feature like this. It’s completely self-promoting. I know we are all on social media to promote our own brand, but let’s at least hold some dignity and not use a bot to pretend.

Mass Mentions

We have all gotten these. 17 names in a block. No content. The purpose, I think, is to shout out to these who are new followers.

Let’s look at this idea in real life. If I think, you are cool and I might care about what you have to say and all you do is yell my name walking down the street, I am going to think you’re crazy. With mentions, either add to the conversation, or shut up and just hit the favorite button.

True Twit

Oh the irony. You hate interacting with people to figure out with they are real people. To shield yourself you use a bot. This bot makes me prove, that I am not a robot, just to say hi. Re.dic.u.lous.

The only way to never have to prove myself again, is to sign up for it and subject all of my followers to it. This is like willingly signing up for the herpes virus, because once I have it, I never have to worry about contracting it again.


Knock these social sins off and spare the rest of us. Social media is a community. So, contribute or log off.

#growthhacking #marketing #socialmedia #twitter

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