Proper Etiquette of Retweeting

Hanging out on Twitter all day allows me to see my fair share on retweeting and the subtle differences in the ways they can be done. In planning this post I was thinking that there was only two ways people primarily retweet; the retweet and the modified tweet. In looking at the company account I manage I realized there was variations of the modified retweet.

A retweet in its truest form is you posting the original tweet in your feed and will look like this below:

The purpose of a retweet is to share content you find interesting while crediting the original poster of the content. There is a simply beauty in it. As a content consumer on Twitter I can easily see new profile pictures of people I may not follow, and click them and follow them.

Now compare and contrast to the modified tweet. In this method the original poster has gotten it on Twitter and a second person has copied and pasted all the content.

(In the posted images I removed the identifying markers of the people/companies who perpetrated these faux paus… Being my job, I really don’t want to offend anyone.)

In this first example, the account used “RT” to signify it is not their content, and they do immediately post our account name giving us partial credit, but it’s not the full impact. If I went to their profile and scrolled through their feed, I will see a solid chunk of their profile pic, without any visual marker to denote the fact they share their content curation with the larger world around them. A little rude I feel.

It could be worse though. Check out the following:

At first glance I look this tweet and wonder why they are repeating to me, what I just said to them. It’s only after really looking do I realize it’s me own hard work that I am not getting full credit for.

The way a modified tweet makes sense is if you add to the conversation already started. See below:

This account, actually commented on my tweet as they posted it. Now, if I look through their feed I see their response paired directly with my tweet. This makes sense.

Remember Twitter is a network on social media. “Social” is the key word there. In order to be polite and social, is to give credit where credit’s due and participate in the conversations happening all around you.

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