Is Your Social Media Social?

I had the opportunity to give a presentation about doing social media for businesses recently at Portland State University for one of their capstone classes and was brought to an interesting realization. Despite the millennials being constantly on social media, it’s an absolute paradigm shift to think of how to apply their working knowledge with gaining followers, and engagement.

How do you gain followers and cultivate engagement? It’s easy.

-Follow the people you want to follow you – the same people who fit your prime demographic -Post content that they want to see -Respond to them, as a human would. Thank them for retweets, and comments -Create conversation with your followers

See. Straight forward. I am not the first person to say it. To the students I gave the presentation to though, I was the first one to show them what I have done with it.

Many businesses are ON social media, yet how many of those businesses are SOCIAL on those networks?

If you’re realizing that you don’t have time to do your social media properly, treating it as a valid form of marketing, please contact me. I would enjoy helping you actualize the abilities I see for other companies.

Gaining Followers

A couple months ago, I announced my intention on gaining 10,000 followers. At the time it seemed like a lofty – yet possibly attainable goal. No, I am not there yet. That’s said, I am right on track. 100 followers a day, 5 days a week, 2000 a month.

Once I hit 10k on Twitter, I am toying with the idea of doing the same thing on Instagram. We will see. I may end up deciding on keeping my feed with close friends and family.

#marketingseo #growthhacking #twitter #socialmedia

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