Social Media Myth: Overnight Results and How to Fix your Social Media in 5 Easy Steps

I had the opportunity to chat with a small business owner recently and walked away really wondering where they had gotten turned around with some of the core concepts of social media. I was specifically asked which social media platform would give this company “overnight results.” If only it were that simple.

We all want overnight results. Weight loss. Fix Your Relationship in 3 Easy Steps. Yada, yada, yada. The sad part is for this business owner, there is no magic pill, no overnight fix. Their lack of leads and prospects cannot be fixed in 5 easy steps. At least, not how they are thinking about those 5 easy steps.

Social media marketing is based off of the idea that for it to work, you have to be social with your potential customers.

  • Communicate Often –

The only way social media works is if you base it off of what works in real life. The people in our lives that have a big influence are ones we communicate with daily. Think back to Christmas and getting the piles of Christmas cards with the letters from the friends-of-the-family whom you don’t see often. Chances are they aren’t a big influence, if they are trying to catch you up on their whole lives for a year in the course of one letter, once a year.

To figure out how often your brand should communicate, you’ll need to pay attention to your industry, and competitors to see what’s working for them. Also pay attention that the amount of content might vary greatly from one platform to the next.

Sure one post a day on Instagram might be perfect, yet on Twitter it’s a far cry from efficient with most successful brands posting 11+ times every day.

  • Talk about things that are relevant to your audience –

Think about what your audience wants to hear, and maybe it’s not currently in line with what you’re saying.

We’ve all been at a party, stuck listening to that one person telling their boring stories that no one wants to hear. Your brand has the same opportunity to either droll on spewing content no one is listening to, or be relevant and valuable to your customer.

  • Be Social in Social Media –

My biggest gripe with a business’s social media accounts is that they do not connect the customers they so desperately want and need. Thank your customers for engaging with you. Answer their questions. Interact with their content.

And do so in a timely manner! If you ask a question, you are hoping for an answer. Your customers expect the same. These conversations on social media happen in real time and as social media marketers, we need to understand that.

Don’t be afraid to seek out your customers on social media and start the conversation. They may not otherwise know you exist. This is your opportunity to make friends and attract the customer you have always wanted. Take the chance!

  • Don’t worry about needing to be constantly selling –

Your customers will like you better if you don’t display this overwhelming need to be selling 24/7. Your content should welcome your customer in, hand them a cup of coffee and direct them to a comfy chair where they feel the ability to lose themselves in your content. After a while they will lift their heads and realize you are truly an awesome person who “gets them” and then dialogue with you about becoming a loyal customer.

  • Understand that Social Media Take Time for ROI

You want to see a return on your investment. We all do. First you need leads and prospects. To get them, you need to earn them. You need seek them out. Lure them in with your great content. Keep them coming by communicating with them and interacting with them.

There it is. 5 easy steps. The hard part is doing it, every day even on Easter and Christmas. Just like building quality relationships in real life, it takes time. You can’t imagine waving at a person once and then expecting them to be your best friend.

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