3 Favorite Features on Snapchat

Snapchat was a platform I was slow to adopt, I'll admit. My initial thoughts were that it was for much younger demographic. Then thinking about this logically, my thoughts were, if I were approached by a brand that would benefit being on Snapchat, it would behoove me to know the ins-and-outs.

One of my favorite things about Snapchat is the playfulness of everything on the platform.

Hidden Features

Enlarge Text

In the upper right corner you see the “T” if you click it, you can write text, and if you click it again, the text becomes larger. Now, what I learned through experimenting with the app was that you have the ability to increase the size of text, or shrink it down. You can also rotate it.

Using this same idea, you can also enlarge emojis and cover up the face of your toddler throwing a tantrum in the background in order to claim that you really are having fun at the park.

Hidden Filters

Let's say that I am stuck in traffic. I can take a quick picture of the cars parked all around me and swipe left to scroll through the different filters, one of which proudly displays my lack of MPH.

Also, there are different filters for different geographical landmarks. For instance, Fort Vancouver, here in Vancouver, WA has it's own little image of the fort that appears at the bottom, whereas Manhattan has an image in of the skyline. It's all pretty neat.


Being a mom, this feature has saved my bacon. Sitting down at a busy restaurant and need to distract your kid, or yourself? Login to Snapchat, take a picture and use the pencil icon in the upper right corner that allows you to doodle all over the image.

Some people are /really/ good using this feature. I am working in it myself.

Don't forget to explore the Discover feature and browse through the snaps that Snapchat changes daily and send them to a friend.

Also, if you really want to see the antics I'm up to, add me @twigliot.

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