Which Businesses Benefit from Instagram

As part of my series to elaborate on the particular networks your business should be on, I decided to highlight Instagram this week. The only stats available at this time regarding their average monthly users is from December, clocking them at over 300 million.

There are a couple tricky things about using Instagram to promote your business. First and foremost, it's really hard to track your ROI. As of right now (for whatever reason) Google has no way of reporting the number of people being refereed to your website from Instagram.

There are several articles about how to go around that flaw, but that isn't what we are looking at today. The main thing I am focusing on is should your brand be on there in the first place.

To answer this question we need to ask, is your product/brand visually appealing?

If you are in the fashion industry, or take photos of puppies for a living, it's easy to answer this with a resounding “yes!” But what if you're a dentist? Chiropractor? Construction worker? Run your own cleaning business? Well, what's your content strategy?

If you run your own restaurant, it should be easy to develop a good content strategy: take great pictures of good looking food that you sell and put it online. Your strategy should be more than that. To fully answer this question we need to see who is your target demographic. We need to create their buying personas.

Taking the restaurant example, your Tuesday morning breakfast crowd is probably different than your Friday Happy Hour group. After really hashing out who your group is, and what their particular interests are, we can really delve further into answering this question. Once we know who we are targeting, then we can create the correct images of food porn. Your Breakfast Club might be served an image of friends gathered around a stack of pancakes on Monday – signaling that tomorrow there is a special banana bread pancake available. Meanwhile, you are preparing an image of friends laughing and holding mojitos to posts on Friday.

These images should combine a fun mix of the actual products, a couple lifestyle images that really sell the brand, and above all the content you produce needs to be like-able. If the image is low quality it's harder to interact with it, when I can simply scroll past it and engage with another brand doing it better.

So, how would this work with a chiropractor? You post a couple pictures of your relaxing office, patients smiling with quick snippets of why they love seeing you, mix in a couple images of people living lives to the fullest, add your favorite inspirational quotes and health tips. And you post these images at least once a day, while liking and interacting with people who are your patients, or people who you want to be your patients, everyday. Seven days a week.

The hardest part is coming up with a content strategy that makes your content something that I (random possible client wants to see) and posting it often enough that I come across it.

If you have any additional questions about this, or anything else – please reach out. You can email me at twigliot@gmail.com or on Twitter @theresapotratz.

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