Facebook: Fanpage vs. Friend

When small companies are setting up your business on social media, I have noticed the trend to use their personal page, or to create a page as if their business was a person, as apposed to a company. Within the last week, two “friends” who both happen to be restaurants in the Portland Metro area asked to friend me.


The main reason this is tempting to those businesses is because it gives the the ability to seek out their prospects and “friend” them. They aren't simply posting content and paying and/or waiting for interaction, they are creating their own luck.


The biggest one, is if Facebook catches you the reserve the right to delete the account, which flushes all that hard work down the toilet.

The next big issue is if you are not 100% on top of your game, you are walking customers left and right. Let's say they /want/ to follow you and hear more about your house tequila, by setting your page up as if you were John Doe, I have to wait for you to accept me before I can post how amazing your enchiladas del mar were.

What's worse is you cannot pay to boost posts or advertise.

Before you throw something at your screen saying, “That's the whole point! All Facebook wants is my money!”, understand I only see about 1/3 of what my sister posts. If I am trying to really broadcast a special or event at the restaurant, it would really be nice to tell Facebook this particular post is important.

Facebook's algorithms are going to restrict posts, because that's just what they do. They attempt to provide the average user with a positive experience, by curating content from specific friends, and family. If I only saw you your inner circle and you spend more time on my website, I can show you more ads and make more money. As a result, I limit the amount of organic posts from businesses because, “I'm not 100% sure you really wanted to see them in the first place.”

Moral of the story:

You want to succeed on social media? Do it right. Every. Single. Day. Post content that I want to see. Thank me for interacting with your brand. And post often enough that I view you as relevant.

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