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The formula to succeed on social media is comprised of three main points: content strategy, community engagement, and community growth. Each of these three parts could easily be a series of blog posts. That said, a teaser for you: I streamline my content curation through the use of Bundlepost. Community engagement in this scenario is the ability to start conversations on our different channels when people interact with your accounts.

The big chink in most people’s armor is our growth strategy. A common method for growth is the find a specific thought leader and manually check each one in order to confirm they align with your targeted demographics. This severely limits the number of new accounts you can get our name in front of, and as a result makes our growth sluggish at best. It’s also not scalable, should you have multiple accounts, or other obligations.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not a household name. They aren’t seeking you out and following you on any and every channel they can. In order to build those relationships you need to get in front of enough people to find those both willing and able to get to know us as thought leaders. Once you have started to interact with them as their own personal brand they will naturally wonder what you can do to help with their pain points. After you have proven value through the outside content you share, mixed with pieces about what your brand/company offers.

The way to actualize ROI, in a way that is scale the way, is to focus heavily on growth. Using ManageFlitter, you can pull a list of who the Thought Leaders are following. Most of the time these leaders are going to follow relevant people. There is a margin of error in this. Some accounts will have been sold or traded since the original thought leader followed them. Some accounts will have never been in line with their industry. It is faster to remove irrelevant followers than to hunt down the best ones.

To ensure optimal growth of a qualified audience you need to use the following strategy:

Using a particular Thought Leaders audience, you follow +100 people every day, for each of your accounts. The standard follow-back rate for people who will find us relevant is around 30%. This results in each account growing around 210 people a week. Typically, I would push for this number to be greater than 500 followers per week per account, this requires following greater numbers.

Using an example from accounts I am looking at who are hoping for pure organic growth is averaging just under 15 followers a week. I would argue this number is standard. Using this method is effectively neutralizing our efforts online.

Possible objections:

What about the followers who aren’t relevant? Why follow them from the start?

When we focus on growth at the start we see a couple of things happen. The relevant and active accounts followback quickly and begin engagement with Smarsh. (Think of this as they enter our sales funnel. The more leads that enter the better.) The inactive and irrelevant accounts on the whole won’t follow back. After we acquire a number of these accounts it takes a shorter amount of time to shed them than gain the same number of qualified followers.

If I practice this, then I will be following 3x the people who are following me. That’s a poor representation of the brand.

Sure you will – at the start. One the things that I do to maintain balance is power-process accounts on two criteria:

  1. If they haven’t tweeted in over 7 days, I drop them.

  2. If they haven’t followed me within a decent amount of time (typically a week), I unfollow them.

As I follow these two steps, we see a greater range in those we are following and those who are following us.

The reason the number of followers truly matters is due to the length of time a tweet is impactful. The half-life on a single tweet is roughly 16 minutes. This means we have 16 minutes to until the post is buried. For it to have any effect, we need to have the largest amount of eyes following us to ensure it is even seen.

Through this process of “binging and purging” we will begin to see a discrepancy in following and follower numbers in our favor.

We want to be successful. We want to see growth. We want our content to reach more people. Let’s reach out and do it. Let’s focus on community growth and see how it boosts our numbers. I’ve seen this method work consistently and believe it’s the best way to see ROI.

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