Spotlighting a Social Media Influencer

I recently was interviewed for this article, which turned out very nicely.

Trust is becoming a bigger issue among consumers. One only have to look at Nielsen’s 2015 Trust in Advertising survey for confirmation. We are more likely to trust the opinions of those we interact with than strangers.

By Darren Gilbert The result of declining trust is that the power to influence has shifted from a brand to the consumer. With social media, that influence has only increased. What exactly is a social media influencer? As a term, a social media influencer seems straight forward. At its root, it’s someone on social media who has the power to influence someone else to make a decision. Pointing that out may make it appear as if it’s a negative thing. But it’s not. However, for social media marketer, Theresa Potratz, as a term, ‘social media influencer’ is taboo. “When I hear the term I think of Margaret Thatcher saying ‘Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” The real influencers, according to Potratz, are the ones who have amassed a large following on their own right. “They are engaging their community and providing valuable insight,” she says.

To continue reading, please visit the full article here.

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