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Content Strategy

Posting Strategy

Twitter: 20 posts is optimal

Facebook: 1-2 a day

LinkedIn: Limit yourself to once a day

Pinterest: 5 posts per day

Instagram: Post at least once a day, spreading posts out.

Tip: using software that allows you to schedule these posts in advance frees you up to engage more with your followers.


After getting the content sorted and scheduled out, the next important piece is how you plan to engage with your followers. The reason to have a great engagement strategy can be summed up with an analogy. I like to compare proper social media usage to dating. There’s a fair amount of cross over, and I’d like to think it’s relatable.

Imagine you’re at a party and you see a beautiful girl. Traditional marketing personified would approach her and talk about only about himself. “I’m #1 in the industry. I’m at the top of my game. I know all these important people. I’m kind of a big deal. You want to go out to dinner sometime?”

Proper social media approaches this person in a completely different way. He approaches her, compliments her dress, and introduces her to people who can help her get ahead at work, asks her questions about where she likes to eat, shows her his car and offers to give her a ride home.

Two different approaches and two very different outcomes. Since you are interesting in social media you get to choose which model you want to immolate.

You can choose to merely publish content and blast it out to the masses. You have the ability to also take a moment and think from the standpoint of your followers. Talk to them, about them. Help them with their concerns and issues. Draw them into conversation. At the bare minimum you need to answer the questions they ask in a timely manner (typically within 15 minutes). Use excuses to talk to your engaged followers. Did they retweet your content? Thank them. Did they Instagram a picture from your lobby and tag your location? Talk to them about their visit.

Once you have built a culture within your following of loyal people, you’d be amazed what they are willing to do to further your message.

Theodore Roosevelt said it best, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

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