Social Media Growth Strategies

A crucial part of your success using social media is your ability to grow and find the right audience. Ideally, you want every person who fits your demographic to follow you and engage with your content. Once you have gotten your content and engagement strategies in place, this is the last piece of the puzzle, to proactively reach out and amass your following.

I’m going to start on the assumption that you’ve read the other posts and are scheduling posts, creating and curating engaging content, as well as interacting with those who are engaging with you.

Find great examples of who you want to follow you. Go through these types of accounts and comb through their followers. Odds are that “birds of a feather, flock together.” Follow those people. Retweet their content (if relevant). Respond to their material (as the entity you are).

Here’s where you shake your head and tell me, that you don’t want to do that. You don’t want to be follow 4 million people with 1,000 following back. Let’s stop here and acknowledge these thoughts and collectively take a deep breath. Nobody cares for who you are, or what you do unless you prove it to them first.

More than likely, you are working with an account without a Starbucks notoriety. You want to change this? Read on.

Find accounts that match your parameters and follow them. Every. Single. Day.


Focus on cranking out at least 100, every day. Don’t get too carried away. If you follow a ton of people all at once Twitter will shut you down, suspend your account and confirm you are not spamming people. Then, once a week or so go through and unfollow the accounts that aren’t following you back or interacting with you.

A quick search in your phone’s app store will give you several options to choose from to make this easy. If this were a sponsored post, I’d recommend one.


Focus on finding 20-50 accounts like you did on Twitter and follow these every day. Spend more focus on commenting on content that’s in line with your messaging. Searching hashtags and engaging while partnered with this tactic will work will.


Login your business page. Once you are using your page, as the page, find 4-6 complimentary businesses and accounts and like them. Comment as your page and share their content to your page. When this happens your branding appears on their content, to their followers. The admins of the page are alerted to your interaction. If you keep this up, they are more likely to do the same things for your page.

This synergy is what will create the lift and amplification you are ultimately looking for.

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