Top 3 Social Media Planning Tips

Once you have started your endeavors in social media there are things you need to think of to refine your strategies and ensure you are ready for the next step. This post addresses 3 key things that you need to address to optimize your success online.

After Hours

Social media engagement doesn’t stop at 5 pm on Friday and start back up first thing Monday morning. It’s an ever active entity. In order to stay in front of potential issues, and continue to build relationship with your community.

  • Make sure you’re prepared by installing the social media apps on your phone and enabling the notifications.

  • For Facebook, make sure you’ve also installed “Pages” on your phone that allows you more functionality when you’re on the go.

  • If you’re already using a CRM like Hootsuite to schedule your posts, it would also make sense to have this installed on your phone.

Emergency Preparedness

Once you have gotten your plans in action and are getting into the flow of how things operate, you need to start creating contingency plans. Brainstorm a “worst case scenario” list. Earthquakes, data leaks, scandals, etc. After creating this list develop a written plan on what to do, who to contact for each event.

Chances are you’ll quickly realize it’s important to contact one person over another in certain situations. After completing this, get feedback from supervisors and revise where needed. If you’ve brainstormed a diverse list of “what ifs”, you’re more likely to be flexible in situations you haven’t planned for because they align more closely with situation X or Y.

When to Automate

Sometimes being lazy is just effective. Given the sheer number of posts I need to create to stay at the top of the feed to garner attention I am left with the decision to either be chained to strategy to logging in and manually posting each. In the case of Twitter, I’m sometimes posting over 20 times a day. Once you add the different platforms and try to maintain some balance of a work/home life, it’s simply not scalable to be effective without scheduling.

Besides scheduling the content out, in advance allows me to be reactive to my community and authentically engage with them.

I have many colleagues who have decided to only post organically, feeling that is the most authentic way to cultivate their social. While this is true, it is more authentic, most teams don’t have the bandwidth to actualize the impact they could have if they worked smarter, and not harder.

*There are several tools designed to help in the scheduling process such as Hootsuite, Buffer, or Sprout Social.

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