Social Media Content Creation

In the section Content Release Strategy we covered the number of times needed to post to each social media account in order to see in front of your audience. It’s one thing to know you need to post 20 times to your Twitter account, it’s another to know how find content to fill those slots.

In order to keep your audience engaged use the 80/20 rule -- when eighty percent of the content you post comes from other sources and only twenty percent is content you have created. By posting in this way, you are curating the content your audience finds relevant, interesting and engaging and as a result are more likely to pay attention to the posts you create that purely focused on your needs. People don’t want to read a feed jam packed with pieces only talking about your agency. By intermixing it with third party content, people tune in longer.

Sourcing this content made doable through strategy. Keeping your audience in mind, focus on articles pieces they would like to see. These can be comprised of organizations that you work with, are engaged in your area, or are sister organizations in other geographic areas. After compiling this list subscribe to their RSS feeds (if they have them). This will have all their content come to you, reducing the amount of time you spend gathering content.

Looking at your own content, you will be better served to create a content library of evergreen content. Evergreen content are pieces that are always applicable. These pieces can be shared over and over again without being quickly outdated.

For each piece of content create five separate posts that with the link attached are under 140 characters. By keeping each post the length of a tweet, you ensure you can post the content across all the social networks. Saving these posts ensure that you can always recycle your original work without having to spend the same amount of time re-creating the wheel.

Following the 80/20 rule helps cultivate your social media accounts into community hubs where the concerns of your audience are addressed and communicated. And keeping a library of your content built out allows you to create social posts one time and refer back to it many times of the course of the year.

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