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Attacks on Social Media

There are several ways to be taken advantage of online. Most common is phishing. I have to admit I have clicked the wrong link before and compromised my own Facebook account (rookie move), but that’s just it with phishing the error is always human and humans are fallible. The scariest part of being phished is giving access to bad actors who now have access to your revenue stream.

After phishing is the issue of impersonation. Your corporate social media accounts could be impersonated by these con artists. In a presentation by Brian Reed of ZeroFox at Hootsuite’s Connect Conference showed big name companies like ESPN and Southwest Air who had been targeted by impersonators.

My Run-In With Some Bad Actors

Brian Reed’s presentation was timely this morning I found myself in the crosshairs of who I will only define as scouts for these con artists.

Red alert notifications ping me on Facebook at 8 pm on Sunday, “I would like to speak with a member of your customer support team.” Logging into Salesforce, I attempt to entire the name of the person into the CRM to figure out the next step. No record of them.

So I respond, “Sure thing. What's your phone number and company email address?” Last thing I want to do is ignore a valid issue. No response.

Then a different name hits me up on Twitter with the same question. Same words. I use my same response. Then a different company account I run gets the same wording. Huh. Now this is weird. This last time I checked out the last couple of tweets this account sent out. All directed at tech companies and all asking for the same thing.

Now, other this person has a crap-ton of misfortune with SaaS, or they are up to no-good.

Predictions on Spam/

Impersonators/Phishing on Social Media

After reading this eBook on email deliverability (and reasons for its decline) by DiscoverOrg I started thinking about the parallels social media is going to travel down. First, email also has its share of bad actors that have caused email providers to create and tighten spam filters making it harder to companies to get their emails read by consumers.

The rise of impersonators on various social channels has given resulted in each channel purging these accounts, and taking some of the early steps of email. Look at Facebook Messenger -- if you aren’t friends with someone, you may not be able to message them. Facebook is looking for that two-way bond before it enables your ability to direct message others.

Safeguards are only going to increase on social media. Social media users are only going to hang out on platforms that protect them from the barrage bad marketers and con artists. The social media platforms offering those protections are going to cause a greater draw, cannibalizing those that don’t.

P.S. Twitter: I love you, but you have to clean your act up. Take a page from Facebook and tighten your ship or their still going to be dominate years from now when people refer to you in the same breath as MySpace.

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